About the Boyle Kansas History Project



Over the years, I have collected a few photographs, newspaper articles, and personal accounts about Boyle. I have a rough idea of the families and businesses in Boyle, but I know it’s just a start. I are hoping to assemble everything we can find out about the history of Boyle as it unfolded from 1860 onward.   
I hope to meet and interview neighbors, relatives, and friends who remember Boyle, Kansas. Do you remember Millie's antique store, the Boyle Methodist Church, Charlie's country store and post office, and the farmers, friends, and neighbors who visited and worked together with the Boyles' and McNeals? I have heard stories of the Cattlemen's Association holding meetings and dances in the Old Store. Do you remember holidays and celebrations in Boyle?
Newspaper clippings, pictures, hymnals, dry goods, durable goods, and stories to tell are welcome.
- Stephen Smith, [email protected]